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Yankee Go Home!

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I am going to figure out a way to keep this post at the top until the Kosovo issue is resolved. And it won’t get resolved any time soon as long as America has its nose over there. Lest anyone forget, here’s what happened the last time we showed up:

And we need to stay out of the Middle East for that matter. (I’m sure I wouldn’t have to look very hard to find supporting video for that either.)

I will say that this video is a graphic depiction of the horror and devastation of war. You may see things there that make you sick. That repulse you. That make you want to cry. That’s all good. It shows that you are human. I cry every time I watch this video. And I feel ashamed to be a citizen of the country that had such a big part in it. But NEVER forget the images you see here and never forget what we did.

Oh, and comments? They’re closed on this post because really, I’m not interested in your opposing views on this. Look, read, take to heart; or ignore it, but keep your illusions to yourself.

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