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Worth the Wait….

Posted by Joni in General

Finally, it looks like Joanie‘s site is back up and running. The servers changed IP addresses (what a nightmare). The domain is not resolved yet, so for now, the temporary address is Hopefully tomorrow or the next day, she’ll be back at her real home, http://www.dagoddess.com. It only took an act of God, Congress, Manny, a Papal edict, a package of Almond Joy and a few frazzled fingernails…. As Joanie would say…


P.S. The stylesheet switcher isn’t working right now due to the php code that’s there. Once the domain resolves, it will be back up and running again. Meanwhile, Joanie is literally pouring her heart out over there. Go visit. Shoo. Scram. Go.

You’re still here? The show’s over. Go home!

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