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I got to work today at my usual (late) time. 9:27 a.m. But in reality, I was probably at work around 9:06. That’s when I got into my car. Or maybe I got to work at 9:12. That is when I could see my building. Maybe I really arrived at 9:15. That’s when I pulled into the parking garage. Of course, because of the All Star Game, parking was already at a premium. I drove around a bit before finding a spot. Then I had to walk to the garage elevator. That was around 9:21. I finally got an elevator to take me to the mezzanine level of my building. I punched the buttons at those elevator banks around 9:24. When I finally got to my desk, of course, it was 9:27. So pick a time. I’ll probably be there. In my mind, anyway.

Now of course, Bossette would beg to differ. Not until I am safely seated at my desk in front of my computer, with coffee cup already filled and ready to go, am I truly at work.

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