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WordPress Woes

Posted by Joni in General

What a mess! This site’s been down awhile since right after I upgraded from Wuh-Wuh to WP 1.2.1. After I did that, I installed some plugins and then got to work on a couple of new skins. After that, when I tried to login, it locked me out, insisting that the password field is empty! It most certainly wasn’t! The WP Support Forum had a few isolated instances of this, but everyone else’s problems occurred on a IIS server, not an Apache server. Hmm. And this only seems to be an issue with 1.2.1. My testbeds, which are running either Mingus (WP 1.2.0) or WP Alpha 1.3, are not having this problem. I got the bright idea to just copy the wp-login.php file from the Mingus zip set over the 1.2.1 version. Voila! I’m baaaack!!!

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