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Women Drivers

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Hah! For once, Robert can say that **I** drive better than he does. At least in fantasyland! We bought Crazy Taxi for Playstation 2 recently. I thought he’d enjoy it. It’s hard to find a PS2 game that isn’t martial arts-based. At first, I was all over the road, but once I mastered the controller, I got better at it than Robert. But I have a feeling he’ll have more time to practice and will soon outdo me.

We’ve tried some of the other PS2 games. He thinks he might like Major League Heat 2004, which I recently bought NIB on e-Bay. But he has more trouble with the controller than I do. The thing that gets me is I have motion sickness. So most 3D games make my head hurt. Like one of the games that came with our Playstation, Sly Cooper and the Thievius Racoonus. Unfortunately, I must stick to 2D games I was raised on, like the old 8-bit Nintendo games. So I went on e-Bay and found The Atari 2600 Anthology. Great 2D games that scroll to the right. And that’s it! No more headaches. Robert poo-pooed those games, though, but they were the ones **I** love the most.

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