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With Six You Get Blogroll…

Posted by Joni in General

eggroll2.jpgI wanted to take a moment to welcome some bloggers to my blogroll. I’ve done quite a bit of updating to my blogroll lately having found some great new blogs. So, here they are (in no particular order):

1. Maddy’s Ramblings. Maddy is from New Zealand and her blog is powered by MT. She also has a cat. Any cat lover is okay in my book!

2. My So-Called Penis (The Blog that Strokes Itself), an Acid Logic blog by Wil Forbis.

3. Break the Mirror, Jesss (no, it’s NOT a typo) Morel’s blog, another Acid Logic (not to be confused with Acidman) blog.

4. Sour Bob (Sour Mash With a Twist). According to Bob himself, “Bob is an ineligible bachelor, caught somewhere between the end of his marriage and the start of the rest of his life. No longer really married, not yet divorced, and sure as hell not ready for dating. He lives in Chicago and enjoys drinking whiskey and hating things. “

If Bob joined forces with my two favorite male bloggers, Acidman and The Fat Guy, I think they could create one helluva group blog! (Hint, hint, guys!)

5. Kadyellebee. I stumbled onto this site while at the MT Forum. Kadyellebee has another site, Blog Plates, where she designs blog templates. She is very well versed on the inner workings of Movable Type and CSS and HTML in general. In fact, it was through one of her helpful posts on the MT forum that I was able to figure out how to list my archives not only monthly or weekly, but individually with their titles as well. Yay!

6. Pick Up Your Own Damn Socks is a group blog which basically consists of (as its title might suggest) women bitching about men. But in a nice way(!) (C’mon, guys, you KNOW we hate it when you leave that damn lid up!)

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