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Windows XPeed (and Shat) on Me!

Posted by Joni in General

I’m posting this from my Prodigy dialup connection and I’m NOT a happy camper today. A review of my Compaq’s support documentation about my network card reveals, oh so unhelpfully, that:

OS Resident NIC Driver
Version: OS Resident NIC (06/11/2002)
Revision History


For your convenience your Network Interface Card (NIC) driver is packaged within your Microsoft Windows operating system.

Due to electronic distribution copyright laws we cannot provide this driver as a separate downloadable SoftPaq.

See information below for instructions on re-installing this driver.

Well, fuck me running. “For my convenience.” For my CONVENIENCE? Well, let’s just say that backing up all my data and running the 3-CD Quick Restore on my computer just to resurrect a non-functioning NIC is not my idea of “convenience.”

Oh, it gets better. The damn Quick Restore disk choked twice. The third time I ran it, it told me to go fuck myself contact my authorized Compaq Representative (so that he could finish the job).

Fortunately, I have operating systems laying around here. Cooperating systems, at that. For now, I’m on dialup. I need to call Compaq so they can (1) send me a WORKING set of QR disks; and (2) replace my NIC. But that will probably entail (knowing them as I do) taking the entire box down to the “authorized service center,” or worse yet, MAILING it to some God-forsaken warehouse so they can do all of this.

I am considering leaving the OS that I have on there alone, pay $30 for a NIC on tigerdirect.com, and carry on.

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