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Why Ask Why?

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Stacy at Blogatelle posed the question Are you anti-war? And why?

Again, I started to comment but found myself getting long-winded. So….

A lot of people are simply INCAPABLE of presenting their opinions without attacking an opposing viewpoint.

If you just have to slap a label on me, then I guess cally me Auntie War. I’m tired of hearing about how this war is about WMD and about how we are saving the hapless Iraqi citizens from Hussein. That’s simply not what we’re doing. Or if that is what we are doing, we sure are going about it all wrong. Embargos have been in place for years. Embargos that prevent needed food and medicine from getting to the people who need it most: Iraqi women and children.

So does the U.S. really care about them like it says it does? I don’t know; it doesn’t look that way to me.

And the U.S. waking up all of a sudden and seeing Hussein for what he is just doesn’t fly with me either. The U.S. spent a great deal of money and effort to bring Hussein into power decades ago. He didn’t just all of a sudden turn into a monster. He was a monster back in the 1960s just like he is now. We’re acting like we discovered this monster; we created it!

We’re riding in on white horses to save no one. Instead, we are acting like the neighborhood bully. Why, just this morning, I read in the Houston Chronicle about the U.S. sternly warning Syria and Iran to mind their own business. What arrogance. What about us? Perhaps we should mind our own business too. Consider this:

When observed in historical perspective, current American saber rattling against Iraq has even less justification. The United States has developed relations with Iraq to suit its own purposes, supporting regimes which harm their own citizens, encouraging and funding wars against neighboring states, providing technology for weapons-building, and using Saddam as a justification for war and sanctions. Despite this, Saddam Hussein remains in power, the people of Iraq suffer brutal hardships on a daily basis, and the United States offers no solution except more destruction and chaos.

Source: How Did Iraq and the United States Become Enemies?, from The History News Network.

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