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Whip it Out and Measure it!

Posted by Joni in General

Okay, here are my measly stats from Site-Meter current as of today:

Total 323
Average per Day 22
Average Visit Length 5:59
Last Hour 2
Today 24
This Week 177

Total 677
Average per Day 45
Average per Visit 2.1
Last Hour 4
Today 45
This Week 311

Here are Da Goddess‘s stats, also freshly posted:

Total: 7,214
Avg/Day: 99
Avg Visit Length: 2:59
This Week: 966

Total: 11,419
Avg/Day: 156
Avg per Visit: 1.6
This Week: 1,640

And here are Acidman‘s stats, also fairly current:

Average per Day 102
Average Visit Length 3:35
This Week 941

Average per Day 153
Average per Visit 1.5
This Week 1,445

Goddess does enjoy a slight lead ahead of The Gut-Dude. Visitors to their sites stay on average three minutes. I don’t have even half the traffic either of them do, yet visitors to my site seem to be dawdling there. (Perhaps I’ve bored them to tears and they’re simply nodding off. That could account for those extra two minutes per visit.) Yet, my blog rating is pretty high; and other than Marc and Da Goddess and an occasional stray, if you go by comments alone, there are three — possibly four — regular visitors to my site. Or someone is lying their ass off! I assure you, I am not “stuffing the ballot boxes” over at Blog HOT OR NOT!

So how accurate any of this is, and what it all means, is anyone’s guess. Still, the most satisfaction I get out of blogging is in going back and reading over some incidents in my life. Getting things out of my system. venting my venom. Commemorating events to writing….


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