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Where’s Barney Fife When You Need Him?

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Houston police have just revealed that 30 firearms have gone missing from the police property room over the past six months. This is supposed to be a secure area but apparently security is lax. Uh, ya THINK?

No one has been charged in the gun thefts, although police suspected telephone repairmen who admitted stealing other items, and a temporary employee who had access to the property room while awaiting trial on aggravated robbery charges.

WTF? Okay, let’s review. A temporary employee, awaiting trial on aggravated robbery charges, had access to that area. Do background checks mean nothing to HPD? Shit, I passed a hot check in 1980 right after my mother died (I was grief-stricken; that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) and I sweated that when I was waiting for my notary commission earlier this year. Jeez. And the telephone repairmen, who apparently had a moral ephiphany and admitted to taking the guns… And they aren’t locked up because?

And me? I’d just love to see what a $13 million dollar property room looks like.

Police say they have improved security including adding cameras, and they plan to open a new, $13.8 million property room next year.

The mind reels.

Source: Click2Houston.com

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  1. Milorad

    I can understand the $13.8 million price tag. At least 13 million of that would have to go on a reality show called America’s Most Honest Cop.

    How else would they find someone to go with the webcam and the padlock?


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