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When Is a Pacifist Not a Pacifist?

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?But those of us who have been pacifists must admit that it has been our blessing to live in a nation in which other citizens have been willing to risk their lives to defend our dissent. The war against terrorism does not shove American power into places where it has no place. It calls on America?s military strength in a global crisis in which peaceful solutions are not apparent.? — Scott Simon

Scott Simon apparently became an anti-war activist and a Quaker back in the 60s but is now fully in support of America’s invasion of Iraq.

Read this article about how my favorite journalism professor, Robert Jensen handled Simon and his pro-war rhetoric while a guest on Simon’s late-night show on National Public Radio.

I’ll just go ahead and shut up now. Jensen says it ever so much better than I ever could. Oh, and there are a couple of excellent links in the article, don’t miss them!

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