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Taking a cue from my friend, David, I’m posting some of the sights I see on my way to and from the office. Althought, unfortunately, unlike David, I don’t get to see castles on my commute!

From left to right, (1) Polk at Crawford, the skybridge to the Toyota Center; the Hyatt is on the right; (2) Austin at Dallas, the “backside” of the Four Seasons is on the left; two blocks up on the left is the entrance to our building’s garage; Five Houston Center is on the right; and (3) this was snapped on the way home for lunch, it’s the Home Plate entrance to Minute Maid Stadium (formerly known as Enron Field) on the Texas Avenue side. All were taken with my Sony Clie TJ-37.

DSC00521.JPG DSC00522.JPG DSC00525.JPG

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