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What a Dingbat

Posted by Joni in General

I was trying to implement a key/legend system for my skins using dingbat fonts and colors so that you could easily see which skins were graphics-heavy, which were not work-safe, which were also free blogskin downloads, etc.

So I created an inline style, with the font-family being “webdings” and applied the color, font-weight and font-size I wanted, and used the SPAN tag to surround each little “icon.” It looked tres kewl. In IE6. It looked like utter merde in Mozilla and Netscape 7.

Why? Because Mozilla and Netscape 7 are true standards compliant browsers, and not “forgiving” (read: sloppy), and since there is no corresponding Unicode character set for webdings (or most any other dingbat fonts), I had to beat the browsers at their own game. The “icons” that are there now are a bit more “lame” than the others but at least you can see them as God (or at least I) intended for you to see them.

Why didn’t I just use a graphic image? Because I have a wide range of background colors from one end of the spectrum to the other and it would have looked nasty on some of the darker pages. This way, there would be no bleed-through.

So: Tell me what you think. (I know you have an opinion and I also know you are simply incapable of keeping it to yourself. Plus, I asked, didn’t I!?)

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