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We’re Going Japanese I Really Think So!

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The first 100 350Zs left Japan on July 22 bound for the United States. (Wish mine was among them.) It’s a nice enough car, but it looks too much like an Audi TT and considering that the Audi TT has been on the road for awhile now, it can hardly be said that the Audi stole its design concept from the 350. See for yourself:


I took this photo at the 2002 ZCCA Convention held in Bandera, Texas this past June. I had a blast. Mr. K (only the father of the Z-Car) signed my T-Top shade plate. (Guess the value of my car shot up by about a grand?) Someone asked me the other day if I would ever drive one of the “new Zs” and I had to candidly reply that I sure would. In about 2010!

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