Who Does She Think She Is?

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Well, Like, Fer Shure!

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Didn’t we already establish this fact? Now it’s even more official!

Which era in time are you?

Stolen from Maddy! Like you really needed more clues I’m stuck in the 80s: The last FOUR vehicles I’ve had, including the one I have now, have been 1984-88 models; I still have an old 386 Bondwell Laptop; it still has Displaywrite 4 and Zork I, II and III on it; I still have two cassettes I taped on my old Marantz tape deck back in 1986 [Billy Squier and Loverboy]…. Three of my top five favorite movies are movies of the 1980s (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Top Gun and Poltergeist). Do you want me to go on? It’s kinda sick, really.

But go ahead and join in the madness … listen to I’m a Pasty White, Scrawny English Dude With a Big Voice (Rick Astley) (6.1MB). Enjoy!

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