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Welcome to Houston, Tijana!

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Strangely I had to go four pages deep in Google to find ONE stateside mention of this news story, and that was on the Texas Children’s Hospital Facebook page. But it’s good to know that people will rally around a worthwhile cause. I hope her surgery goes well!


A lot of people are rooting for her and it took the combined efforts of Orange Aviation (underwritten by JAT Airways, Serbia’s Minister of the Interior, Nase Novine, and Nikola Tesla Airport), which will be transporting Tijana, her mother, Jelena, and her cardiologist, Dr. Sergej Prijic, to the U.S. for the procedure; and Turkish Airlines (underwritten by JAT Airways), which will send her father, Nebojsa, to Houston, and which is covering the return trip of Dr. Prijic. It does take a village. Oh, and SHAME on the cowardly commercial airlines who refused to take a risk and fly this little girl where she needed to go.

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