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Weird Tray Icon

Posted by Joni in General

After Windows XP Pro installed an update for me today, it gave me the option to restart now or keep working. I was in chat with someone so I chose to keep working. Right in the middle of that, however, it flipped me off the computer, the computer rebooted itself and this icon appeared in the system tray as a newly discovered HP Deskjet 3820. My Deskjet was already installed (you can see it on the right, fourth from the left. The questionable icon is second from the left.

Weird Tray Icon

Now mind you, I’ve got all kinds of stuff protecting me now (but I must warn that I just set up a wireless home network). I have Zone Alarm Pro, Hacker Eliminator, Spy Sweeper and a few other things constantly scanning for Internet nasties.

On second reboot, this icon went away. I’ve searched my Zone Alarm logs and nothing suspicious jumps out. But still. Anyone ever seen that thing before?

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