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  • (If you are lucky, it does!) RT @burek: Biology gives you a brain. Life turns it into a mind. ? Jeffrey Eugenides #
  • Handmade stained glass plant stake, pothos ivy in my bathroom. http://t.co/RkscnSHn #
  • Again, for Robo. Altho life with him was not routine! RT @burek: With him, life was routine; without him, life was unbearable. ? Harper Lee #
  • For my beloved Roberto… RT @burek: The life of the dead is set in the memory of the living. ? Marcus Tullius Cicero #
  • Weight of Chains (Težina lanaca) now on YouTube (2 hrs.) http://t.co/3hAt0u62 #
  • Sneak peek at new #CaseFileXpress Texas #efiling system to be rolled out over the weekend. http://t.co/zGVnSlhB #
  • My lawn guy is using his leaf blower right under my window right in the middle of a webinar I'm trying to listen to. Sure it's not Monday? #
  • That explains why YOU are so quiet! :D RT @burek: Never argue when you're winning. ? Laurell K. Hamilton #
  • Thank you for rocking my world today, guys! @Burek @mckrack #
  • He's strength; I'm courage. RT @burek: Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage. ? Lao Tzu #
  • RT @burek: There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be… ? John Lennon #quotes #
  • If Eric Idle just sang "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" at the Olympic closing ceremony, then I bet @burek is grinning ear-to-ear! #
  • Maybe if court appearances were this much fun, lawyers wouldn't mind showing up. Especially you family law pr… http://t.co/BRRYlv3I #

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