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  • Tell me you love my new cat iPhone wallpaper! #cats #iphone @wallpaper http://t.co/WwD5Iqoz #
  • RT @sambucuself: RT @burek: I am a warrior, so that my son may be a merchant, so that his son may be a poet. ? John Quincy Adams #
  • Nice! RT @FastCompany: Before [becoming a famous writer], Dr. Seuss made his living as an advertising illustrator. http://t.co/d6RamAUq #
  • Entangled moose knew troopers were trying to help. Feelgood story. http://t.co/nFRYjiTo #
  • RT @Minervity: The 365 Project – A Whole Year Of Fun For Photogs – http://t.co/yPh6OP6Z #
  • Where Corporate Attorney Meets Southern Gentility. Great C&D Letter! http://t.co/pgimMIK2 #law #lawyers #IP #
  • #1 Ditch the Cloud! RT @mashable: What You Can Learn From Wired Reporter's Epic Hack – http://t.co/v6EZ2AKy #
  • And why we're fat?! http://t.co/IHC0Zwvd #texas #restaurants #
  • Done! Pass it on! :) RT @JoxyNYC: Today, make someone happy. Start with YOURSELF. #
  • RT @KTRKHouston: #Breaking A man has been run over and killed moments after … leaving a hospital in NW Houston. #hou http://t.co/oEFhVcyG #
  • Just common sense? RT @Eric_B_Meyer: 10 Things You Should Never Do When Starting A New Job http://t.co/EZKOOHJ1 #
  • #BigLaw embracing project management: http://t.co/688ppWTv #
  • Have a blast my friend! RT @burek: http://t.co/TT4KGcrB – London 2012: Olimpijske igre u prestonici Evrope #ftw #
  • RT @burek: Life is a sexually transmitted disease and the mortality rate is 100% ? R.D. Laing #
  • I jinxed myself when I bragged about my productivity earlier. "Error establishing a database connection." Figures, huh? :D #
  • RT @DaveUrsillo: Don't worry! http://t.co/3V6glOz2 cc: @burek (what you're always telling me!) #
  • WTF is up with Twitter/Tweetdeck and avatars today? #twitter #tweetdeck #wtf http://t.co/5akeSqIE #
  • Even tho I laid in bed longer than I should've this mornng, I am getting a LOT done. That always makes the day good. Go me! #
  • A must-read for web devs too! RT @designfeeds: 5 Scary Google Hacks (Or Why You Should Learn To Love robots.txt) http://t.co/UxWo5o2S #
  • Thank dog that's settled! RT @iampariah: Not on Facebook? Employers, Psychiatrists May Think You’re a Psychopath http://t.co/fv6aFbLy #
  • One of my secret crushes! RT @SashaKane: Actor Tommy Lee Jones was sure handsome in his college days. Like [him] as an actor… #
  • That's ALL? That is SO not easy! RT @burek: All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that has been given to us ? J.R.R. Tolkien #
  • No thanks; I'll pass! RT @burek Gravity is … the truth. Anyone who doubts it is invited to jump out a 10th-story window. ~ Richard Dawkins #
  • I love happy endings! #NYC #taxi http://t.co/yZ0QlY5s #
  • Here, here! RT @burek: To beer, the cause of and solution to all of life's problems ? Homer Simpson #
  • So very true!!! RT @burek: I have no problem with god – it's his fan club that scars me. ? A.B. Potts #
  • Get your "Adorable" fix today! RT @Smiksica: Nisam u fazonu da je u redu slikati sise, ali dupe ve? mogu da vam pokažem http://t.co/4ZucHNSo #
  • Yum! RT @MacaronsByJune: Check out our green tea on green tea deliciousness! http://t.co/fCpjmb9J http://t.co/1NDMozGH #macarons #food #
  • A case for NOT upgrading? RT @MacRumors: iOS 6 Beta 4 Removes Dedicated YouTube App http://t.co/Nhtv1dm9 #
  • Amen! RT @burek Your negative actions will always speak over top of your kind words and only fools listen where the wise watch. – Tara Brown #
  • Some people are going to learn today that when you fuck with the bull, you get the horns. #madashell #breakfastclub #
  • You men! Gotta love ya, though! :) RT @burek: A man has two reasons for doing something; a good reason and the real reason. ? J.P. Morgan #
  • My iPad lock screen. #ipad #apple http://t.co/43cVfRP1 #
  • RT @designfeeds: 45 Inspirational and Creative Website Footer Designs http://t.co/Ybm63C9p #
  • Skewed priorities. RT @sherifffruitfly: We went to Mars for 20% of the price of the London Olympics. #
  • RT @bdolman: Gold medal for NASA in the 563 billion meters #
  • Not nice! RT @The_iPaddict: Aussie exposes iCloud flaw but Apple stays silent – Sydney Morning Herald http://t.co/0qroCQrf #iPad #Apple #Mac #
  • RT @Barczak_Nation: [No] better endorsement for a tech. co. than seeing #NASA Engineers using their product during a mission #MacBookPro #
  • Welcome to the Apple Cart! RT @Clayyclay: I am now the proud owner of the trifecta of apple products :) plus a nano. #apple #
  • Middle=Mediocre? RT @The_iPaddict: Mountain Lion is Apple’s new middle ground – Chicago Sun-Times http://t.co/frvssV6W #iPad #Apple #Mac #
  • Profanity: The universal programming language. cc: @anca_foster @AndyMarkle @burek @mckrack @calguy1000 @robertbasic #
  • LOL! RT @timbrisson: NASA to Olympics: Suck it. #
  • RT @MarsCuriosity: No photo or it didn't happen? … I'm casting a shadow on the ground in Mars' Gale crater #MSL http://t.co/ZGfKVjYx #
  • RT @mckrack RT @lhasapso: Remember, Macs can’t do real work, they’re only for useless artsy stuff like landing on Mars. http://t.co/qUuWYyzM #
  • I can't believe I just spent an hour untangling a necklace! #wtf #determinedbitch #
  • Way to go, Brad! :D RT @williamsba: I just tweeted out every Draft tweet on my phone hahaha! #
  • People who walk around professional events with their boobs hanging out shouldn't bellyache about voyeurs. Can I get a hell yeah? #
  • (_8(|) ~ Homer J. Simpson; @@@@ :^ ) ~ Marge Simpson. cc: @burek :) #

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