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  • Me too! RT @williamsba: I love the 80s! #
  • Never! RT @osazuwa When TED gets tiresome. http://t.co/oUGAhJhm (via @SashaKane) #
  • Or an enraged woman! RT @burek: Speak politely to an enraged dragon. ? J.R.R. Tolkien #
  • Blasphemy! RT @JesseNewhart: The New MacBook Pro: Unfixable, Unhackable, Untenable http://t.co/o5gmhDrU #
  • Thankful I have such a strong shoulder in my best pal. RT @burek: Burdens are for shoulders strong enough to carry them. ? Margaret Mitchell #
  • Silence is a worse cruelty than ugly words. ~ Faye King #quotes #
  • LOL! RT @burek: I've had great success being a total idiot. ? Jerry Lewis #
  • Donate a tweet a day to WWF at http://t.co/nIWAX8HN & help us get ready for a Twitter Storm on June 18! http://t.co/MjYMNgQE #DT @WWF #
  • Works for me! <3 RT @burek: A good motto to live by: Always try not to get killed. ? George Carlin #
  • Amen sistah! RT @TheJenATX: “@ChrisPirillo: iTunes needs to die.” [maybe ping will drag it along to purgatory] #
  • So does your mind. :) RT @burek: Freedom is something that dies unless it's used. ? Hunter S. Thompson #
  • Maybe 2 points shy. #apple #mac RT @Lawkop: NYTimes: MacBook, a Point Shy of Perfect http://t.co/yyLbHMed #
  • So true! <3 RT @burek: Imagination is the highest form of research. ? Albert Einstein #
  • Preach it, brutha! RT @burek: Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived. ? Isaac Asimov #
  • I LOVED this game when I had my first computer! #DOS #games #retro http://t.co/XLscUqFH #
  • My new toy. Apple magic trackpad. Thanks for the suggestion, @burek85 ! http://t.co/lNdw0e6j #
  • I hate waiting! Ugh! #
  • RT @TheJenATX: Ladies: your bra size is WRONG. Guaranteed. http://t.co/u4VscDxL H/T @bwoj for the find. #
  • Finally!!!!! #
  • :) RT @nikcub: Djokovic should start every match 2 sets down #
  • I will say one thing: Nadal has magnificent biceps #nadal #tennis #mancandy #
  • Crap! C'mon Nole! RT @tennistweets: #Djokovic is broken again #Nadal wins 2nd set 6-3 to move ahead 2 sets to 0 #RG12 #Rafole #

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