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  • "There are only two options regarding commitment. You're either in or you're out. There's no such thing as life in-between." ~~ Pat Riley #
  • “@calguy1000: Install and configure FEU for CMSMS… Create a page of type 'Protected Content' and you're finished." Sweet! #cmsms #
  • #ff #quotes @sashakane @burek @joxymiljanovic @followmysuccess @GeorgeCarlinSez @ifyoulovequotes @herquotebook #
  • #ff #webdesign @anildash @AndyMarkle @bgardner @beautifulweb @shecodes @kittymcooper @NaomiNiles @micahgodboldt @calguy1000 #
  • #ff #lawyers @RickHorowitz @tomfosterweb @PaulBKennedy @MarkWBennett @dhowell @ernieattorney #
  • #ff #belgraders @burek @vprelovac @nikiBGD @eniac @opencoffeebgd @Miss_Cybernaut @Serbia #
  • Nothing wakes you up faster than a throat full of stomach acid. #acidreflux #wakeupcall #
  • Great old neighborhood. RT @culturemap Not just any old home tour: Eastwood ups the intrigue with industrial sites & graffiti artists. #
  • RT @Burek (I should heed this advice myself.) “You have the ability to choose your reactions.” ? Steve Maraboli #
  • RT @1380 SO SAD AND WRONG: Pucnjava na Jarinju – KFOR shooting at Serb civilians in Kosovo and Meto: http://t.co/sfD4J8qa #
  • "We will either find a way, or make one." Hannibal #quotes cc: @burek #
  • To the Untouchables … @Burek @Vladaceric http://t.co/pSfJ7s0j #
  • RT @burek Stigao na Balaton http://t.co/a7689WN4 (Collar turned up, back straight, [he walked in] like he owned the place.) #
  • RT @burek Words to live by: Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success … ~~ Herman Cain #quotes #
  • Now I join this Wi-Fi connection, I pray my data to keep safe. Deliver me from stalkers, hackers & trolls, in Verizon's name I pray. Amen. #

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