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  • "He has always treated me with friendship which I now value more than my old romantic feelings.” ~~ Tamora Pierce #bestie #friendship #love #
  • "If challenges could always be overcome, they would cease to be a challenge." ~~ Chetan Bhagat #quotes #
  • "I will try to disappoint you better than anyone else has." ~~ Stephen Dunn #quotes cc @Burek #
  • #lawyers Don't look at me funny when I want to put your 50 page witness list in Access, not Excel. Excel is for numbers; Access is for data. #
  • Ugh. I hate Sundays unless I happen to have the whole week off after. #
  • #ReasonsWeCantBeTogether You're a moron, you are intellectually bankrupt, you don't like cats .. all other things doable. #
  • Hubby finally home from the hospital last night after 6 weeks and he is .. watching football. Never been so happy to be ignored. He's home! #
  • Rain! More rain, finally! Our poor foundation is in sore need! #
  • RT @ActionBronson All I want is to be happy and live my life… Amen!!! #
  • RT @dusanVemic: We fought with all our hearts … it just wasnt meant to be.
    WE WILL BE BACK! cc @burek #
  • Amen! RT @TipsarevicJanko Big heart from Novak for showing up on court today. #DavisCup #

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