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We Must Not Forget…

Posted by Joni in Politix, Serbia


While I try to keep postings light on this site, sometimes you have to shine a light on the ugly. Tomorrow (March 24) will mark the anniversary of the beginning of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, an onslaught that lasted 78 days. While it was explained away to the rest of the world as an humanitarian act, NATO bombed civilian bridges, water supplies and power centers. Humanitarian? Hardly.

Aside from the justifiability of the war against Serbia, the NATO bombing has been criticized for exceeding the limits of lawful wartime conduct under international humanitarian law, such as the Geneva Conventions.

Former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia, James Bissett, said in 2004 that “NATO and the United States claimed that more than 100,000 ethnic Albanians had been killed as the result of Serb genocide“. Forensic experts found fewer than 2,000 graves and many of the people in those graves were Serbs.

Noam Chomsky was also highly critical of the NATO campaign and its aerial bombing in particular, where public utilities were bombed in addition to military targets. Chomsky argued that the main objective of the NATO intervention was to integrate FR Yugoslavia into the Western social and economic system, since it was the only country in the region which still defied the Western hegemony prior to 1999. He described bombing of the Radio Television of Serbia as an act of terrorism.

The Pentagon released several cockpit videos in 2015 showing details of NATO attacks against the targets in the Yugoslav Republic. The footage is the most comprehensive yet shown by the Pentagon of attacks in the Balkans. Also for the first time, the Pentagon reported inflicting “a significant number of casualties” on Yugoslav army and police.

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