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Waking Up Is Hard to Do

Posted by Joni in General

Got the next three days off. Some of my co-workers have to show up today and tomorrow (until 1PM when the Firm officially shuts down).

So I laid in bed awhile. Simon (my older cat) jumped up on the bed, I guess because he’s hungry. So I patted and tickled him awhile and caught up on the news. Robert had brewed some coffee and was sweet enough to bring me a cup in bed. After downing two huge cups I finally got up out of bed.

I’m going to blog a little bit today, straighten up the bedroom and the computer room and round up the laundry to drop off at the wash and fold.

I also am thinking about converting this site to PHP, but I need to study up on PHP and procedures for skinning sites before I undertake this. It will probably entail months of piddling before this notion becomes reality.

And Robert brought home a video the other day that we haven’t watched yet. Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise, Carmen Diaz and Penelop Cruz (who also starred in the original, Spanish-language movie, “Open Your Eyes,” on which Vanilla Sky is based).

So much fun; so little time!

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