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Wacky Advertising Moments

Posted by Joni in General

I’ve stumbled across some pretty cute advertising gimmicks on the Internet. Here are some recent finds….

HomeWarehouse.com … catalogue shopping at its best. I hope Sugarmama is paying attention! Download 2.15MB MPG.

Blake’s Auto Body … We can fix anything. Download 2.67MB Quicktime Movie.

EDS.com … as futile as herding cats. Download 3.65MB MPEG.

Aiwa … Another One Bites the Dust. Indeed. Download 1.81MB Quicktime Movie.

IKEA … Is it Time to Leave Home? Download 2.52MB MPEG.

Dental Pain Unguent (foreign) … If you didn’t know what the product in this ad was to begin with, you’d probably be hard pressed to figure it out. Download 1.1MB MPEG.

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