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Vostani Serbie

Posted by Joni in General

I would like to present to you a wonderful song, Vostani Serbie, meaning Rise Again, Serbia. It was written and composed by reformist Dositej Obradovic in the early 19th century, and used as an informal national anthem in the First Serbian Uprising of 1804. It had a strong chance of becoming the national anthem of Serbia to replace the Yugoslav national anthem Hej Sloveni (Hey Slavs), and also later, when Serbia once again became independent in 2006, but since Serbia as a state only had one national anthem in the past, and that was Boze Pravde, or God of Justice, logically, God of Justice was chosen as the national anthem once again. But, this song, Vostani Serbie, nevertheless is a beautiful song, sung in a bit archaic (old) Serbian. The song also glorifies Bosnia, which is called the Serbian sister, as well as the sea land of Montenegro. And they all rejoice as Serbia rises from the ashes after centuries of Ottoman Turkish rule.

Here is the literal translation of the text and please see the video, the link is below. This song always makes me cry. Always.


Rise again, Serbia! Rise again, Empress!
Let thou people see thou face.
Take hold of their hearts,
and let them hear thou sweet voice.


Rise again, Serbia!
Thou have slept for a long while,
Thou have layed in the darkness,
Now awaken thou self,
and awaken the Serbs!

Lift your Emperial head up,
Let the lands and the sea get to know thou again,
Show Europe thou beautiful face,
Shining and glowing like a bright star.

Thou will get help from the Heavens,
Thou will get a better destiny,
Your loved ones wish you good,
And distant peoples rejoice as well.

The song (starts 30 seconds after the beginning):



  1. Milan

    Svaka cast !


  2. Joni

    Wow!! THANK YOU!


  3. Dragan SA

    hvala,dugo sam ovo trazio.znate li ko peva,ne zivim u domovini.


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