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Neither Danes nor Muslims, but other opinionated Americans (not unlike my own self), weigh in on the Muslim/Cartoon brouhaha (perhaps too benign a description):

Gahrie thinks this is hurtling toward a sea-change event for civilization.
Acidman calls it what it is. (And it stinks.)
Michelle Malkin urges us all to support Denmark.
Private Pigg picks up on the Islamic tantrums.
Buy Danish Campaign (As Michelle said, “Butter cookies, here we come!”)
Charles at Little Green Footballs compares the anti-Muslim cartoons to the Muslims’ anti-Semitic portrals in their own publications. Apples do not equal oranges here folks.
Solomonia observes muslims failing litmus test to “belong”
The Ranting Sandmonkey (his words, not mine!) weighs in with why the Muslim boycott of Danish products is destined to fail.
I added my own two cents’ worth on my Opera Community blog.

That should give you something to chew on. Me, I just got back from Spec’s Liquor with my requisite baby Havarti, some Fris apple flavored vodka and Forelli butter cookies. (And a few other things from elsewhere, to the tune of nearly $100 when the dust settled. Hey, it’s Superbowl Sunday! You can’t expect us to eat regular food today can you?)

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