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Vitamin P….

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I found myself relating another nursing incident to Joan and it struck me, this has gotta go in the blog. So here it is.

Joan, there is no way I could ever do what you do. And I have even more respect for those of you who do it. Day after day. And you know what was kind of weird? You know those weird looking containers they give men to pee in? Well, I always empty them out pretty much right away.

One nurse came in and apparently when she was there earlier, it was full. So I had emptied it and rinsed it out. I try to do things for Robert while I’m there besides just sit on my a$$. I figure the nurses have enough to do with patient business. He’s my guy and it’s partly up to me to make sure he’s comfortable, right?

The nurse goes, “Who emptied that out?” I said, meekly, “I did. Was that okay?” (I thought she was going to fuss at me because they were going to culture it or something, I thought I had screwed up.)

She smiled, and said, “Why thank you!!” (Thank me!? Thank me that you didn’t have to empty out his pee container? I was amazed. Simply amazed. Nurses? They simply aren’t paid enough, whatever they are paid!)

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