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Using Movable Type

Posted by Joni in General

This post is in response to Movable Type’s challenge asking how users are actually using Movable Type.

My decision to migrate to WordPress had nothing to do with the launch of MT 3.0 a few days ago. I decided in early April to try WordPress simply because I’d stumbled onto a blog that was using it. I’m curious and restless by nature, so when I started investigating WordPress, I jumped right in!

I’ve used Movable Type since September 2002. My comments below pertain to the blog I kept at www.jonielectric.com. I’ve now migrated to WordPress, but that’s not to say that I might not be back using MT. So bear that in mind when you read the rest of this post.

I keep multiple authors around because I often have friends guest blog. Most of the time it’s because their sites are down and they need a place to go to let off steam.

I have multiple blogs on my MT install as well. Several of them are just sub-blogs (one is listing blogging tools; the other one is for site news and features new skins that I’ve created). Yet another is a Blogathon blog, which I created when I participated in the Blogathon 2003. I plan to create a new Blogathon blog for each year that I participate. Keeping things separate, yet together.

By way of praise of MT, I will say that it has a large user base and a fantastic system of support and active plugin development. I’ve learned more from lurking at the old MT forum than I ever did poring over books and web site tutorials. I have found no network of support to be as robust as the user forum at MT.

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