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Upgrading to WordPress 1.2: de-Pressing

Posted by Joni in General

Here are a few of the speedbumps I hit on the upgrade road today and what I’ve done to solve them.

1. Custom sidebar hosed. Some of the PHP functions changed. Only by examining the new index.php file that came with the WordPress upgrade was I able to glean the changes I needed to make to the sidebar template (archive list, category list, rss feed and search box, to name a few). If you didn’t change your index.php file, you don’t have a thing to worry about; for you, it’s business as usual. But of course, me, being a fickle and restless little thing, I altered my index.php file to suit myself.

So if you plan to upgrade, and you have tweaked any of your templates — even if only slightly — be sure to look at the index.php file for clues as to what you’ll need to change around. The upgrade screen warns not to overwrite anything important. But it also said that the previous version’s templates would work fine with version 1.2. I took that to mean, “Great, don’t need to mess around with the templates.” What it means is, “Look at the new template carefully and reinvent your wheel if you need to.”

2. Login went wonky. This apparently is a browser cookie issue. If you changed your password in the WP control panel, don’t try to use it to login after your upgrade. Use your original login. You should then be okay. Which brings me to my next prob….

3. Couldn’t get to my WP Console. The link to my login pointed to the wrong place so I got a 404: Page Not Found when I’d hit the Login link. I don’t know why this is happening; everything looks fine in the WP Options/Setup/Preferences area. For now, I’ve just hard-coded the damned thing. Still, I’d like to figure out why it did this. And I haven’t run across any other instances of it getting the “site url” wrong.

4. Blacklist and Backup/Restory Plugins Don’t Appear on the WP Console or in the Plugins List. I loved the Backup/Restore plugin and used it right before performing the upgrade. But when I logged into WP, it no longer appeared on the console, and neither did the Blacklist plugin, although they are both where their plugin authors said to put them. I tried copying them to the new wp-content directory, and when I clicked on the Plugins link on the WP Console, I got four new empty boxes where plugins were supposed to go. The only link available was the activate/deactivate link, but because the tables were blank, you have no idea what you are activating or deactivating. I guess I need to wait for word from the plugin authors about these two very valuable (IMHO) plugins.

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