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U.N. Accepts Serbia’s Proposal

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The UN General Assembly voted today on Serbia’s resolution that the International Court of Justice will decide on the legality of the independence of Kosovo. 77 countries voted yes (in favor of Serbia), 6 voted no (against the Serbian resolution), and 74 countries abstained. The votes of the
countries that abstained did not count in the voting.

The United States and Albania were among the six countries that did not support Serbia. Serbia got the support of five EU countries, most of the African and Asian countries, while the UK, France and some other Western countries abstained. Countries derived from the former Yugoslavia also abstained.

The delegation of Kosovo did not attend the session, since Kosovo is not a member of the UN. Thus, the delegation from Pristina had to wait outside the room.

In the discussion, the French representative said that Kosovo is a “done issue,” and that 48 countries have recognized Kosovo. [Ed. Note: There is none so blind as he who will not see.] The reaction from the South African representative was that 144 countries have not recognized Kosovo, and that thus this issue is not closed.

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