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Uber Geekery

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Uh-huh! Da geek is in da house! A couple of weeks ago, as you may know (because I gloated about it on this blog) I set up my wireless network. Last fall, I bought a Sony Clie 415T (PDA). I’d also scrounged around on e-Bay trying to find a wireless modem so I could go online with the PDA since there was no built-in connectivity. I settled on a Psion 56K travel modem that runs on two AA batteries. I bought it last February and fiddled with it a bit while Robert was in the hospital.

But it wasn’t until today that I finally got the damned thing to (1) connect to my prodigy account; (2) download my mail (leaving it on the server of course); and (3) send email from the PDA. Now I am research ways to browse (online or offline) with the PDA. Like I don’t have enough entertainment in that little package.

I’m telling you, that was the best $75 I ever spent, if for no other reason than I can sit around at the laundromat, at the car repair shop, or the doctor’s office/hospital (spend a lot of time THERE!) and read e-books and play games to my heart’s content.

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