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Capitalist Piggy

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Since I retired and have run out of salary, and am now collecting Social Security Retirement (and pension, which basically goes to make my COBRA payment), I have had to radically revise my budget. And now, since I have some free time on my hands, I’ve decided to clean out my closets and put some stuff on eBay. Starting with handbags I haven’t used in years.


Lazar, the New Serbian Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicle Kicks Butt!

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BELGRADE, 03. 01. 2009.

Jugoimport SDPR’s multipurpose armored vehicle Lazar. The company will officially present its new product at the Partner 2009 arms fair. Lazar – named after a medieval Serb heroic figure who fought and perished during the Battle of Kosovo – was developed for VS (the Serbian Army) and foreign armies, designed to be used by infantry and special forces engaged in counter-terror or peace ops. (Beta)