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Two Words

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The following test was stolen shamelessly from SarahBelle!

1. Yourself: stressed out

2. Your car: paid for

3. Your Hair: smells nice

4. Your father: never knew

5. Your mother: miss her

6. Your Favorite Item: my pda

7. Your Dream Last Night: about him

8. Your Favorite Drink: iced tea

9. Your Dream Home: saw yesterday

10. The Room You Are In: computer room

11. Your Pet: is fat

12. Your fear: freight trains

13. Where You Want to be in Ten Years: still alive

14. Who you hung out with last nite: Roberto, silly!

15. What You’re Not: filthy rich

16. Your Best Friend: is bald

17. One of Your Wish list Items: computer monitor

18. Your Gender: totally female

19. The Last Thing You Did: this post

20. What You Are Wearing: tshirt panties

21. Your Favorite Weather: early autumn

22. Your Favorite Book: he recommended

23. The Last Thing You Ate: turkey sandwich

24. Your Life: worth living

25. Your Mood: cautiously optimistic

26. Last person you talked to on the phone: pal Trisha

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