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Tweakin and Freakin

Posted by Joni in General

As if you haven’t figured it out yet, I finally upgraded from WordPress “Wuh-Wuh” to WP 1.2.1. I installed David Chait‘s CG Powerpack which contains the beloved Amazon CG plugin that I so loved about Wuh-Wuh. I’ve also installed the latest and greatest WP Blacklist, Text-Replace, and Alex King’s original style switcher (natch). I’m slowly migrating my Wuh-Wuh (table-based) styles to this new Gemini-based (yay, Root) template, so hopefully the blog will load faster (that was a big complaint about the previous layout). There are also a couple of new styles onboard, “Nude Autumn” and “This Kiss.” More information (image origin and font specs) will be available once I get my Skins page up and running. Meanwhile, whatcha think?

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