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Turning Over a New Leaf?

Posted by Joni in General

Robert finally got tired of all the leaves that had been collecting on our stairs, in the drive way, on the “grassy knoll” between the two buildings. The landlord hasn’t been out to do any yardwork in weeks. Yet he saw fit to bellyache that the porches needed to be cleaned off.

Leaves on a steep set of stairs is a safety hazard. I almost fell on my big butt the other day scrambling down the stairs (running late as usual). A slick, wet leaf (or two or ten of them) (not an unusual circumstance in humid Houston) was nearly my downfall (literally).

Here’s some before and after pics.



A pile of leaves…. outside the downstairs neighbors’ porch. How many times have THEY walked over or around these leaves and never bothered to rake them either?


The second pile of leaves raked from the driveway.


The back stairway and a bit of the “grassy knoll.”



The path is cleared!


The leaves have been cleared from the neighbor’s door.

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