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A question posed on Formspring prompted this memory of a long ago adventure Robo and I had when we were living in San Antonio. The question?

What was your worst
travel experience?

That’s easy. It was when Robert and I went to Laredo and its across-the-border sister, Nuevo Laredo, way back in the late 1980s. Because I’d planned the trip, we ended up in a nice hotel (La Posada) with reservations. One of the reasons for the trip was that Robert wanted to go to the dog races across the border. But we missed the hotel shuttle bus that would have taken us across the border to the Hippodrome for the dog races. So Robert and I set out on foot (me in HEELS no less) across the border, on a stinking city bus filled with sweaty riders and goats (I am not making this up!). We exited on the Reforma Highway across the street from a huge sign that said “Hippodrome” with a big arrow pointing down a long road. Yep, the damn racetrack was two miles down the road. On foot. In heels. We thumbed a ride to the venue and Robert assured me we could just catch the shuttle bus on the way back, so on that promise, I was able to relax and enjoy the evening.

Mexican Peso
They'd rather have American dollars in Nuevo Laredo.

But when we got to the shuttle bus, we were informed only round trip ticket holders could board. Oy. We had to rely on the kindness of strangers and Robert’s $20 bill to get is back across the border to the hotel. Living with that man has never been dull, I can tell you that.

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