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What’s the difference between a “salon” and a “living room”?

According to this real estate listing at HAR.com, about $10 million. This home in Houston’s swanky River Oaks neighborhood was built for an Arab sheik back in the early 1980s.

Now I confess I’ve been hanging out at HAR.com lately because Robert and I want to get into a home of our own in the next six months. But I seriously doubt it will be this one. Unless we win the lottery. (Even then, can you imagine the mortgage payment on that sucker? Even if you dropped a half a million in down payment, your mortgage would be at least $50 grand a month. Yeep.)


  1. Chicken Little

    Living room – the place where you kick off your shoes and watch TV after working hard all day.

    Salon – where all your fascinating friends gather to have scintillating conversation about subjects other than what’s on tv.


  2. Rori

    Living room… place I watch TV.

    Salon… where I get my hair done.


  3. Da Goddess

    Living room – comfortable and usable. Salon – not so much.


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