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Traffic Jammin

Posted by Joni in General

I stumbled across some really great smooth jazz yesterday. I’ve already burned it to CD and taken it to work with me today. How much better my workday was. Put it in your car … bliss on wheels! I was so impressed with one particular artist (Paul Taylor — if you like Kenny G, you’ll LOVE Paul Taylor) that I ordered two CDs from Amazon.com today! Hopefully they’ll arrive before I go on vacation in just over two weeks!

Here is a sampling.

A Light From You, 6.57MB, by Patrick Yandall from A Lasting Embrace. Yandall, guitarist and vocalist for the San Diego, California band Makai, is breaking out as a solo artist now.

Freefall, 4.44MB, by Paul Taylor from Hypnotic.

Take a Message 3.69MB, by Remy Shand from his debut album, The Way I Feel.

Happy jammin!

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