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Tonight, I wanted to show Robo the video from “The Daily Show” where host Jon Stewart rips Nancy Grace a new one. (Robo and I love to hate Nancy Grace.) I had his laptop pulled up to his bedside on his rolling tray table and I was perched on the side of the bed.

We had a laugh about the video and right before I got up to leave, he reached over and patted me on the shoulder. And it was a really nice gesture, and it really made me feel good. And it then occurred to me how little of that we do anymore. For no reason. I mean, I sometimes help him bathe and other tasks, but that’s different. And it made me realize how much I miss that. And how something seemingly insignificant can mean so much.

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  1. Spot

    Sweet. A simple touch can mean so much. It’s always nice to get an act of affection, compliment, or gesture when it’s ‘out of the clear blue’. Kinda like a mom expects flowers on Mothers day, but given some to her on some other day – unexpected – and it’s a different level of special. There’s something to be said for spontaneity.

    Ever notice how children are so ‘touchy’? Not just siblings, but even random children playing together in a playground. Always touching each other. playing red-rover, tag, huddled over something found in the dirt, squeezing together in a hiding place, etc… Then we grow up and it’s almost as though it’s taboo to touch someone. I recall once touching a friend’s arm to quietly get her attention so I could point out a woodpecker that was nearby without scaring it away. She looked at me and there was a flash of something across her face before she looked where I was pointing. Unsure what that flash was though, something between shock and I dunno what.


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