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Top 10 Mass Murderers of the 20th Century

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Here is a list of mass murderers of the 20th century, by German magazine Bild. Forgive me if I spelled some names wrong. I am transcribing them from Serbian. Note that Tito, lifetime dictator of Yugoslavia, takes 10th place, and was responsible for the death of a million lives. Much more than I knew. I know of a quarter of a million of Serbian lives, 3 times more than the Nazis have killed (the Nazis have killed about 70,000 Serbs), but the figure is apparently higher. And we thought this guy was a god. Disgusting. Such is the power of propaganda and brainwashing. Thank God Communism is over. I wish we never had to go through this bullshit experiment.

  1. Mao Tze Tung, dictator of Communist China, responsible for the death of 50 million people.
  2. Stalin, dictator of the Communist Soviet Union, 40 million lives.
  3. Adolf Hitler, dictator of Nazi Germany, 20 million lives.
  4. Chung Kai Shek, again China, 10 million people.
  5. Lenin, again Soviet Union, 4 million people.
  6. Toyo Hideki, Japan, 3 million people.
  7. Paul Pott, Cambodia, 2 million people.
  8. Mengitsu, Ethiopia, 2 million people.
  9. Yahya Khan, Pakistan, 1 million people.
  10. Josip Broz Tito, Yugoslavia, 1 million people.

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  1. yahkob

    amazing how evil people can become and the masses follow after because these men didn’t do this by themselves they were helped by the many patriotic followers of the leader of their country within their own civilization. look for it to happen very soon in the world and I believe this nation is next.


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