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Tiny Tot Printer

Posted by Joni in General

I am so excited. My Sipix A6 Pocket Printer arrived today from Overstock.com. It has an infrared port, so I can print from my Sony Clie 415T. I could also use it to print from my Sony Vaio laptop once I purchase a serial port PC card for it. (The Vaio, sadly, has no serial port and no floppy drive, leaving these venerable legacy devices in the dust.)

The downside is that the output is SMALL. A6, which is about 4×6. But to print items that you don’t need for presentation purposes, it’s great. For example, to print out a receipt or order confirmation on the Internet (with the laptop), it would be excellent. It’s a thermal printer, so there are no consumables other than paper, which you can get in roll or sheet format.

It runs on 4 AA batteries and also comes with an AC adapter. As soon as I am set with a serial/usb adapter, then I really will be set.

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