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Time to Clean the Pool

Posted by Joni in General

The gene pool, that is. Looks like Uncle Charlie paid a visit to clean the pool. I’m sorry the kid is dead, but what he did was just plain stupid and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Will the other morons taking part in this have to learn their lesson the hard way too? One hopes not.

Just dessert anyone?


  1. Scouser

    Hi Joni,

    First time here, followed a link from TheBombSite but after reading some of your posts I may just be placing a link on my own site.

    Looks like this is another candidate for The Darwin Awards. Part of me wants to say how can people be so stupid, but then I remember I was a teenager once and did some REALLY STUPID things LOL.


  2. Jenn

    I don’t know. I read that story and I felt sorry for his family. The mother said how he was always being a daredevil. I think there are WAY more stupid people than him that deserve to bite the big one and haven’t yet.


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