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Strange Fruit…

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A song I was thinking about today made me Google an old boyfriend from the early 90s when Robert and I were kind of on the skids. He’s a great musician with a fantastic blues guitar collection.

Lo and behold, I found that he’d appeared in a movie called Strange Voices and Watermelon Men by Ross Wells. It’s available on VHS. I’m too cheap to plunk down $24.95 for it so will look for it at Blockbuster or on e-Bay. The title is kind of creepy and it’s not something I think I’d want to invest in. Robert and I are fairly choosy about the videos and DVDs in our permanent collection.

Oh, back to the point of this whole post. While Googling, I came across a photo that included Leighton. The photo was of three men and two women. Do you know I stared at that photo and none of those guys looked familiar. And what’s worse, the one that is supposed to be him looks nothing at all like I remember. Now THAT is even scarier than this movie’s premise! Now, I realize that it’s been awhile. (Actually, when I counted back, I realized it had been eleven years.) But it sure seems like yesterday to me. (Of course, I still talk about movies like Top Gun and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which I was privileged to see in the theater when they were released, like they just happened last week, too!)


He’s the one on the left, but honest to God, if he were to walk up to me, I wouldn’t know it. (Of course, now that I recall, he didn’t have a mustache then, either.)

One more odd thing about all the guys I’ve ever dated: Everyone of them’s last name begins with an “H” — in order: Herrera, Hanson, Hamilton and Herring. (Insert Twilight Zone theme music here.)

Time is definitely not on our side!

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