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This Old House

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Lately for some reason, I’ve been trawling HAR.com (Houston Areal Realtors). Not because I want to buy a new house, because I love my house and plan to be carried out of it feet first in a pine box. Possibly just curiosity and a love of older homes (like mine). Old 1930s-era bungalows and Art Deco homes. Even some mid-century ranch style homes have their Leave It To Beaver charm.

But there is a right way and a wrong way to sell a home.

The Right Way

This is some serious staging, people!

And the Wrong Way

You are selling a house, not starring in the next episode of American Hoarders, for crying out loud!

2531 Oakdale Street


  1. C. C. Harned

    What you said, about hoarding TV shows. I do a slow burn when I’m browsing through real estate listings and see Granny’s house, full of clutter. Wastes my time. I don’t wanna see 528 Hummel figurines. I wanna see the bathroom and the kitchen. Cannot believe some of the wretched pictures that real estate agents put up.

    Looking on the bright side, if it’s a house I’m extremely interested in and it really looks as bad inside as the pictures depict, that turns off potential buyers, so that it can be bought for less. Have fixed and flipped 11 houses. They are always houses that are cluttered or have minor issues such as the interior paint job sucks. Most people seem to be unable to look past the clutter and the bad paint job. As long as the infrastructure is good, I’ll consider it. Cosmetic fixes are easy.


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