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Think Pink, Pearls and Stone.

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I’ve been listening to Alecia Moore (a/k/a P!nk) ever since she first arrived on the scene. I’ve always loved her edgy voice. Here she is in a great tribute to Janis Joplin.

And listening to Joss Stone also reminds me a bit of Janis. Now, I could have taken the easy way out and posted “Piece of My Heart,” the duet she did with Melissa Etheridge. But I much prefer this song for its polish. See for yourself.

And of course, there’s the Pearl herself:


  1. Milorad

    Janis Joplin is one of a rare breed of singers to deliver lyrics as though their inspiration for being, was actually occuring right then and there.

    I love that.

    I won’t call myself a fan though. As someone with a generally depressive nature I tend to listen to ‘songs to suicide by’ kind of sparingly.

    On a completely different note, and perhaps unsurprisingly, that’s my favourite Joss Stone song. I love her work, but that’s gotta be her best track.


  2. Joni

    Man, creepy scary, Milo. That’s MY absolute favorite one too. :-)


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