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They’re Everywhere

Posted by Joni in General

I get a great deal of satisfaction when I see my designs on this blog and that blog.

Shanti over at www.madhoo.com is another satisfied Web Jones customer. (Although her readers had a thing or two to say about the decidedly pink/feminine turn her blog had taken. Hey, at least they’re reading her blog!!)

My co-worker and friend, Sheila, at way2happy.com, loves purple and candles, so what’s a poor girl to do when faced with a dilemma like that (and a friend’s impending birthday)?! Why, design, design, design of course.

I’ve also been busy helping set up a portal at this digital art site. It’s still in the design/development stages, but it is challenging work. And as I’ve always told Robert, I love to sit in front of the computer. It’s nice to get paid for it once in awhile.

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