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There’s No Place Like Home

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Thought I’d post a bit while I’m taking a short lunch break. Robert came home from the hospital Monday afternoon. Getting out of the hospital is about as difficult and fraught with bureaucracy as getting out of jail. He called me early in the afternoon to let me know he was going to be going home that day. I alerted my bosses that I’d be needing to leave as soon as I got a second phone call, which could be several hours later. So finally, at 3:30, he calls to tell me to come get him. So after finishing up my work, I headed for the hospital.

Needless to say, after paying the valet guy $10 to park the car for “patient drop off and pick up” (with the understanding that I’d get $5 back if I was there less than an hour), I headed to his room. Where we sat, and we waited, and we sat some more, and we waited some more and finally, around 4:45, the nurse came in with the wheelchair (after I’d already made two trips to the car with his belongings!).

Then Robert noticed he hadn’t been given anything for pain. (Uh, it was surgery for amputation of a digit. Do you think there MAY still be some pain? Maybe? Geesh.) So the nurse asked us for the telephone number of our pharmacy, which I just happened to have handy, and promised to call the young resident who’d filled out the discharge papers and have her phone in an prescription. We could pick it up on the way home. Great. So finally, we’re downstairs and YAY, I get my five bucks back, but only because I look like I’m close to tears because it’s been about an hour and TWO minutes according to the valet guy’s clock … anyway, never underestimate “women’s water power.”

We stopped off at our favorite fish place to get some take home, arrived home, got Robert settled in and had our dinner. We lazed about the rest of the evening. Sunny showed his adoration for his “daddy” by proceeding to lay across Robert’s stomach as soon as he got settled in the bed. You haven’t lived until you’ve had 24 pounds of limp cat flesh resting on your thoracic region! I’ll post some photos later.

The rest of this week is going to be hectic as I juggle caring for Robert (who, just like a man, resents being dependent on anybody for anything), and gearing up for a two-week vacation from the office, and we’ve got deadlines coming out our ears right now. In fact, last night (Tuesday), I didn’t leave the office until 8PM. But I’m going home on time (5:30 PM) tonight!

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