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The Really Good Ones Never Go Away

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I’ve been listening to some great music lately. Some Doug Sahm (and his Sir Douglas Quintet). He’d been around for ages, and like almost all great musicians, died much too young (1999). Robert told me how he used to run into him at the cafeteria across the street from the (now defunct) Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, Texas. Back in the 1970s, the ‘Dillo’s hey-day, Austin was a haven for the rockabilly sound and a lot of great music was born (and some of it died) there. Doug Sahm, Commander Cody, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Steve Earle, to name a few…. Texas may be a lot of things, some not so nice, but it sure plays home to some fantastic musicians.

And I just bought another John Hiatt CD. It’s got one really great song on it — one that I think old Steve Earle could do justice to — that reminds me of Acidman. It’s called “Perfectly Good Guitar” and John laments the abusive treatment (a la The Who) some musicians give their guitars, which is, of course, the musician’s stock in trade…. Lyrics are here.

So what’s on the playlist that inspired this blog entry? Check it:

John Hiatt, Perfectly Good Guitar
John Hiatt, Paper Thin
Doug Sahm, T-Bone Shuffle
Doug Sahm, Day Dreaming at Midnight
Steve Earle, I Feel Fine
Flaco Jimenez and John Hiatt, Across the Borderline

And a great quote by the Armadillo Word Headquarters’ founding father, Eddie Wilson, comparing armadillos to hippies: Armadillos and hippies are somewhat alike, because they’re maligned and picked on. Armadillos like to sleep all day and roam at night. They share their homes with others. People think they’re smelly and ugly and they keep their noses in the grass. They’re paranoid. But they’ve got one characteristic nobody can knock. They survive.

Could be that’s why I am this kind of revolution?

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