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The Power Tool Video All Men Have Been Waiting For

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If men loved power tools before… they’re gonna love them even more now. The biggest departure from reality in this video, besides the models, is the fact that the amount of noise these tools generate can be deafening! Now I don’t play around with power tools, but I will tell you that after mowing the lawn, I too am glistening with sweat. But I’m not wearing Daisy Dukes, a scanty bra top and CFM shoes. I’m likely wearing leggings, a tee shirt and my favorite Reeboks; and covered from head to toe not in suntan oil but Off!. And there’s not one glamorous thing about me after I come in from mowing the yard and flop down in a chair like a limp, wet dishrag.



  1. Milorad

    Maybe I’m unusual, but it sort of feels a little gay…

    I mean, if you want to go on site tomorrow morning and pretend Bob, Steve and Jim are actually sexy girls putting up a house frame, then I suppose this is the right video for you.

    This is all an exaggerated perversion of gender roles, so excuse me for playing into it… but how sexy would it be for you to watch a hunky muscle-man sewing some fruity curtains for the kitchen window?



  2. Joni

    Well, Mouse, if *you* were to do so (sew those frilly curtains), it would prolly be sexsay. :P


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